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needlepoint land day one



Hi.  I’m Erin McGrath.
Needlepoint Land started out in 2012 as a blog.
 In late Spring 2014, I took the plunge, and the blog became a brick-and-mortar needlepoint shop in Stuart, Fla.  
On Day 1, the store consisted of a few chairs, a small table, and a lamp in a cavernous 1,000 sq. ft. space.
It was exhilarating!





Where to begin?  
The most important thing I wanted to do was to try to create a place that stitchers would think of as a second home.
At first, there were no customers.  No merchandise.  No fixtures. No credit card machine or merchant account.
Even the cash wrap had to be brought in from out of state!
But, slowly, it came together — not with some master plan, but incrementally, organically.
When the season began, Needlepoint Land was ready.



needlepoint turtle


Needlepoint Land today sells hand-painted canvases and top-quality kits across the United States and Canada.
 We buy our canvases directly from the artists who designed them, or from reputable wholesalers.
 If it can’t be authenticated, we don’t sell it!
Needlepoint Land also offers a comprehensive selection of superior needlepoint threads, and a variety of knickknacks that will enhance your stitching experience.  

needle - tapestry

Need threads for your canvas?