How to Search by Design

needlepoint tiger

Have you ever wanted to Search for a canvas by the type of design that it falls under?

We all have!

So I’ve asked my ace tech crew to come up with a way to do this on Needlepoint Land’s website.

The thing was said; the thing is now done.

Let’s say you’ve browsing through, and you want to easily search for galleries of Cats, Flowers, or Tropical designs — well, all you have to do now  go the Menu bar (the “pancake” icon on a mobile device), click or tap on the Catalog option, and presto, you’ll be able to quickly find in the Needlepoint Land catalog the kind of canvas you’re looking for.

I hope you enjoy this new capability.

Thank you for shopping at Needlepoint Land!



error: Copying of Needlepoint Land\'s images is a no no!!!