SMS Promos – Part 2

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One of the more disheartening observations that I can make is that the promo on FB was of ZERO value to my business.

As you can see from the chart above, not only did visitors not sign up:  80 per cent bailed out without bothering to look at the Needlepoint Land catalog.

One can make the argument that the 24 hour lag was a killer (this was the maximum I envisaged, in reality it would have been minutes or a few hours at the most).  Perhaps so, perhaps not.

It is costly and complex for a small needlepoint store to implement a system to immediately respond to a promo sign-up with an automatic SMS message containing the promo code.

This is why this trial was floated: to see if there was any response at all, and respond to these via SMTP (in other words, send the promo manually via email to the mobile number, which would not cost anything in terms of carrier SMS charges).

If the promo announcement had resulted in significant traffic to the promo page, I might have considered deploying a fully automated system.

But as it now stands, I remain unconvinced that Facebook provides much by way of value to the average needlepoint store owner.

What is obvious is that I need a more sophisticated approach. In an industry where competition is fierce, and the barriers to entry minimal, it is only the shrewd needlepoint owner with innovative marketing ideas who will survive in a cyclical environment where online customer loyalty is minimal.

Moreover, it is also entirely possible that needlepoint customers are relatively price insensitive.  The typical needlepoint stitcher may be more interested in purchasing a hot new design, than getting 15 per cent off a catalog item.

Stay tuned for further marketing efforts by Needlepoint Land to expand its footprint into the m-commerce space!

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