SMS Promos – First Impressions

SMS Promos – First Impressions
May 25, 2017 Erin

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Traffic, traffic.

Everyody used to just be happy with it, but now needlepoint store owners want it to lead to actual sales.

It’s been 24 hours since the launch of the SMS promo.  This was done via 2 channels, and implemented in what is known as A/B marketing.

The promo was announced on  an FB post via Needlepoint Land’s business page. This channel linked to a full but clunky description of the promo, which included the crucial fact that promo code might not be sent out for 24 hours.

The promo was also announced with a splash image on the Home Page. This channel linked to a more streamlined version of the promo description.  The 24 hour lag was eliminated, and replaced with a “pending verification” caveat.

The net result of this promo was as follows:

  1. Traffic from FB jumped, but not significantly enough to be of value in terms of ad monetization
  2. Results from either version was the same:  no visitors volunteered to provide their mobile number to receive the promo
  3. iOS devices outpaced Android by a 3 :1 margin
  4. The promo attracted 57.1% new visitors


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