Paris de L’Est

Paris de L’Est
July 31, 2016 Admin

There is no greater curse than a life unlived.

Yesterday was July 30th.

It was a Saturday and many of the stores around our hotel were closed; for example, you couldn’t change money near the hotel, so we decided to go to St Michel to do so and stopped to have pain au chocolat, fresh croissants and cafe au lait in the open terrace of a boulanger on a side street.

We then walked down the Rue de la Huchette past a wonderful petit theater that has been staging Eugene Ionesco since 1957.

We spent most of the day admiring the exhibit at the nearby Arab Institute but then we crossed the river and walked up to the Marais district of Paris where we saw la place de la Bastille and many other things besides and the energy in the streets and boulevards there exuded diversity and a more real sense of Paris.

Late in the afternoon my husband went to see the Genius at the Odeon theater on the Blvd St Germain and in the evening we had a traditional French meal at an out of the way bistro off the main drag where we sat with locals and enjoyed a delightful and moderately priced meal.

We made our way back to the hotel and I again felt the rush of energy in the crowded streets as we took in the Left Bank street scenesl with musicians and flaneurs crowding the narrow streets and cobblestoned back alleys behind legendary eateries such as La Procope the energy of the night emanating from the cafes and even the ancient stones of the buildings around us.

As a light breeze picked up along the Seine, I sensed that the winds of change may be coming to our lives once again.

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