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We found a gem of a restaurant today.  The story of how we came across it is a bit complicated, but can be summarized as being a result of curiosity as to why the Seine is so much lower than the quais that have been built along its banks.


Where the subject of La Petite Cour originated

 La Petite Cour is that rarity of Paris finds:  an impossibly good restaurant, hidden in the heart of the Latin Quarter.  The patrons were older, French, and low key.  FINALLY a place that is not a loud, cigarette smoke filled tourist trap.  The outside terrace where we sat is actually at the original ground level of Paris, probably around the time of the Romans.  Okay, without any further ado, here is a gallery for all the needlepoint foodies out there.

We liked La Petite Cour so much that we made reservations to have dinner there at 8pm on Monday.  That is our last night in Paris, alas. So this little coin already holds a special place in my heart.  In fact, if the world were my oyster, I would seriously buy the little apartment above it, which you can see in the pics below.


My stitching room


The mini bridge to my apartment


The bedroom balcony of my Paris apt


Dessert – creme brulee


Appetizer – tomato and watermelon soup


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  1. Marianne O'Boyle 12 months ago

    I am so jealous!! Your Paris adventure looks wonderful Can’t wait for you to be home so I can hear all about it.


  2. Amy Geier 12 months ago

    Enjoy your last hours in Paris, Erin. Your photos are like a walk down memory lane. We lived in Paris once, and I actually learned to needlepoint there at a little shop owned by an American, “Kell’s Corner”! Safe travels.

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