Chez Andre

Chez Andre
July 29, 2016 Admin

(This post was dictated to my smartphone)

It was quite humid early in the day today when we went for a long walk to the Tuilleries gardens. Later in the day we took the Metro all the way up to the Arc de Triomphe and there we walked around the George  V Avenue and found our way to a lovely but expensive little restaurant called Chez Andre on Rue Marboeuf (I didnt take a snap of it, alas, but did take one of the Entrecote, across the street) .

Taking the Metro would have confused me going on it the first time during the rush hour and having to change lines 3 times but it was okay because my husband had done this before many many times when he was a student in Paris when he was 20.

On  the way back we took the bus and it was a beautiful ride to watch the sun setting over the Paris skyline and we went home instead of going to see the movie that we had planned to see given that our feet were aching and it was 10 o’clock and we wanted to be nice and fresh for another day tomorrow so enjoy the pics!

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