Goodbye, New York

Despite the SWELTERING heat, it has been a nice trip down memory lane, these past few days.

The cultural ambience is unrivaled, and diversity is something I enjoy.  What a contrast from the gated community I live in, back in Fla!

I do think, however, that living in Manhattan is not something I would care to do again.

I did move here on my own after college, in my 20s, to work at Columbia, and hang out in a bohemian studio apt (5 floor walk-up!).

Today I would not be up for that. But when you’re in your twenties and thirties, there is no place like the Big Apple — and I was lucky enough to experience it BEFORE gentrification.

And now, finally, the moment has come:  we fly to Paris at some ungodly hour (around midnight).

If I didn’t my mother-in-law to visit in Bronxville today, I think checking out at 11 am from the hotel and then waiting around for 11 hours in 90+ degree heat would have been a nightmare.

Next post will be from Paris!

Grand Central clock
Au Revoir!

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