Parisian Interlude

Parisian Interlude
July 17, 2016 Admin


Needlepoint Land will be closed on Wednesday July 20th and reopens on Wednesday August 10th.

All my bags are packed and I’m ready to go on my trip to Paris.

Normally I’d be very excited, but it’s a bit of a dicey time to be traveling to France, to put it mildly.  Not changing my plans though.  Come what may, I need a break from the Fla heat, plus it’s been too long since I was last in France.

I will be staying with my husband at a centrally-located hotel in the 7e arrondissement, near the Tapisseries de la Bucherie, a Parisian needlepoint store that I can’t wait to visit!

parisian needlepoknt store


I will also be visiting Sajou, across the river, where I just have to get my Eiffel Tower scissors, and any other delightful knick-knacks that I come across.

Both Sajou and Bucherie are very beautiful stores; I plan on putting up beaucoup de pics on my blog of them both.

As a side excursion, I also plan to visit the charming Bohin needle factory and museum in Saint Supplice sur Risle.

I offer their merchandise at Needlepoint Land, and I’m looking forward to seeing where all their beautiful things are made.  It’s about an hour northwest by train from Paris, so that will also afford me the opportunity to see the countryside too, after taking the metro up to the famous Gare du Nord.

bucherieThese are difficult times for France, to put it mildly, and my heart goes out to all those who were devastated by what happened in Nice.  I will try to be as cautious as possible, and avoid the major tourist sightseeing areas, even though of course I am going there to sightsee.

That said, I will probably make it to the Tour Eiffel, take a romantic boatrip along the Seine river, see Notre Dame (which is within walking distance of my hotel), wander about some of the smaller museums and famous parks on the Left Bank, do the bistro thing, and whatever else might unexpectedly unfold, which to me is the true charm of traveling.

With that in mind, I look forward to just strolling around the streets of a major world city, something I did for many years while living and working in Manhattan.

Stay tuned for lotsa pics.

Vive la France!

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  1. Andrea 2 years ago

    Bon Voyage!!!! See you soon!

  2. Susan Beyersdorf 2 years ago

    Erin, so much has happened since I saw you – will share at another time. We’re ok though – no worries.
    While I am very excited for you and your upcoming trip to beautiful Paris, I will pray for your safety while there. Don and I are planning Italy in September – our third attempt!!! Hope we get there.
    I promise to see you in Stuart most likely after you return as our family is coming down soon.
    Bon Voyage, my friend!

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Hi Susan–I hope to see you when I get back from Paris, before you go to bella Italy! Enjoy the visit with your family. Glad to know all’s well and we will definitely have to catch up soon!

  3. Kathleen Carden 2 years ago

    Enjoy and stay safe. Have your straight croissants and people watch. A beautiful city with great food and wine. Very jealous about your needlework shops! Have fun. See you in August!

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