Cloisonné Gator

Cloisonné Gator
May 28, 2016 Admin

needlepoint gator

This gorgeous 13m alligator canvas arrived at Needlepoint Land in the spring. Faster than you can say Go Gators, Terry M. scooped it up and stitched it beautifully!

needlepoint gatorNow here it is —  all finished, as a stand-up, gusseted, shaped pillow that measures 23″ w x 9.5″h.

Notice how the beige fabric nicely matches  the taupe Silk and Ivory that Terry used for the outline and accents throughout the design.

I always try to match a stitched canvas to a specific finisher that will result in an affordably priced and pleasing result.

Now that Terry’s gator is ready, I’m going to ship it out on Tuesday.  I think this piece turned out so well that I’m going to make this canvas a permanent part of Needlepoint Land’s collection.

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