Lycette Designs comes to Needlepoint Land!

Lycette Designs comes to Needlepoint Land!
April 14, 2016 Admin

Jessica / lycette designs


Yesterday. Needlepoint Land had the pleasure of a visit from Jessica of Lycette Designs — a new, fresh and sassy talent in the needlepoint world.

needlepoint landIt was a pleasure welcoming a twenty-something designer to come and hang out with the Stitch-O-Mania gang.  Lycette is based in Boca, so it was not too bad a ride for her to drive to Needlepoint Land. Everyone had a wonderful time, and Jessica brought some phenomenal canvases with her, not to mention  delicious, homemade white chocolate brownies.

Jessica’s on a mission to make needlepoint more appealing to younger stitchers, and help keep needlepoint alive by creating fun and colorful new design ideas and adding a unique twist to traditional designs.  She loves using lots of glitter and bold, bright colors in her work.

Her Staffordshire dogs design is already a hit: it’s a perfect example of how Jessica is having an immediate impact in the needlepoint world.  You can see this lovely design in my Facebook announcement for yesterday’s Stitch-O-Mania event.

I can’t wait to include Jessica’s work in Needlepoint Land’s online catalog.  I’ll have those ready by tomorrow, if not sooner!

sassy design

A uniquely sassy design with a backstory that Jessica created for her Mom

Coincidentally, it turns out that I have probably met Jessica before, as her mom used to frequent a needlepoint shop that I used to manage before I established my own B&M.

Jessica mentioned her mom used to let her skip High School occasionally and go on needlepoint jaunts around south FL!  So it is definitely possible that we have already met at some point.

I should be receiving the Staffordshire dogs, and a brand new Topiary tree design, sometime during the next couple weeks. In the meantime, the designs I purchased yesterday are available instore, so, if you happen to be on Florida’s Treasure Coast, why not come by and take a peek?!

needlepoint land

Jessica observes a classic Stitch-O-Mania moment!

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