Patience, please

Patience, please
April 2, 2016 Admin
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Earlier this week — as the days were winding down on two of Needlepoint Land’s three trunk show finales for the season — I received a surprise package from Kate Dickerson in the mail.

She had just sent me 5 new designs from her brand new Patience Brewster Collection, which I immediately loved.

Now I’m often curious to learn something about how artists get together in the needlepoint industry to create the beautiful designs that we love to stitch.  It just gives it a more human dimension to know something a little extra about the canvases I recommend to my stitchers.

So I made some inquiries, and soon received a nice email back from PB’s daughter, Marietta. She is the Marketing Director at Patience Brewster, Inc, and had this to say:


Our story about connecting with Kate Dickerson isn’t anything too flashy.

Kate simply reached out to us inquiring about licensing our images for her needlepoint.

It happened to be excellent timing on her part, since we have had many similar requests in the past, but had been hesitant to license again since we began manufacturing on our own.

However, after the ‘umpteenth’ customer specifically requested needlepoint, we knew it was something we needed to do.

When Kate contacted us, her note was so thoughtfully written and her work was so beautifully done that Patience felt an immediate and strong connection and artistic alignment with her, and we decided right away to move forward with licensing.

We are happy to be able to offer these needlepoint designs with Kate, particularly as she has done a wonderful job re-creating Patience’s work with her beautiful handpainted canvases.


What a cool back story!

You can purchase Kate Dickerson designs here.

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