Till it goes.. click

Till it goes.. click
March 30, 2016 Admin
Bat Moon Standup 6″w x 8.25″h 18m $111

Bat Moon Standup
6″w x 8.25″h 18m

The BB Needlepoint Designs trunk is being extended through mid April.


Now maybe I’ll have the time to put up a decent amount of pics in my online catalog.

But wait!  There’s more!  (sorry:  I am just parodying the breathless late night TV ads of my mispent youth.)

Here’s another bonus:  a bunch of new designs from Kate Dickerson that wandered into the store this week.

I’ll try my best to put these up pronto!

In other news, I’m still seeing very little by way of ROI from Facebook in terms of traffic to the site generated by ad buys on their platform.  It’s just not clicking yet.

Downer, that:  but maybe people really don’t go to FB to buy things — after all, I set it up so that they can shop at my Needlepoint Land business page without ever leaving FB, and it did zilchola.

Saw Palmetto Pills

Is this the answer?

If FB continues to have this — how do I put it politely? — er, embarrassingly weak stream of referer traffic problemo, then I will know that all those glowing screaming Mimi FB ad testimonials (she only spent $100 and increased her business by 1000% overnight!) are little more than hype for the naive, at least in the needlepoint space.

Either that, or I just have to get better at channeling my inner Peggy Olson.


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