Finishing Up Needlepoint

needlepoint golfing santa

As many fans of Needlepoint Land know, we do finishing.  We also host a free stitch get together event in my shop every Wednesday at 1pm.

The Golf Santa you see above was stitched by Cathy.

She just started coming to my Stitch-O-Mania event this season, and has never worked with me on a finishing project before.

This past Wednesday, I showed the stitching group several pieces that had just returned from one of my finishers.

I guess Cathy was impressed, because she decided on the spot (after a little coaxing on my part) to have Needlepoint Land finish the Golf Santa for her.

The reason for her hesitancy at first was that Cathy was unaware that I ship finished needlepoint pieces back to my customers up north all summer long.

Once she realized that, it was a go.


Cathy didn’t have any special instructions for this piece other than she would like a heavy, standing, weighted needlepoint.

This is pretty much how the process works with my customers.

Sometimes people who come to my shop will have VERY specific instructions that they want to see followed TO THE LETTER, but in general it is much more of a laisser faire affair.

Cathy’s adorable golfing Santa will be back in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned, and you will get to see the fun result!


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