Facebook: is it worth the extra work for a Needlepoint retailer?

Facebook: is it worth the extra work for a Needlepoint retailer?
March 14, 2016 Admin

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Ah, Facebook, Facebook, Facebook:  what does it really mean when people Like me on my new Needlepoint Land FB business page, and what’s up with that nasty Unlike button?

All right, just a quick break here from these deep questions while I go have some fun in the world outside of my store.

Monday mornings, as followers on my blog know, is Tennis Day.

This is a needed breather in-season, as I get to take a break from my 3 Trunks Shows 3 March madness extravaganza that all started this past week.

Now I’ve already given a few pics to the tech crew to put up on the catalog, and but they are too busy polishing their darn SUP boards and admiring the beautiful weather we’ve had in Fla of late.  Naturally they are blaming the switch to DST on the delay.

Erin's house

Erin’s house

Meanwhile, I’m returning to the store this afternoon to ship the online orders that came over the transom in this weekend.  I also have to keep an eye on the roof repair work that is being performed on my house.  Yikes!

In other news, everyone (that is to say, probably very few people actually) know that Needlepoint Land is now on FB.  I managed to get 43 Likes after a couple of days.  I don’t know, is that good or bad?  Who knows.

Either way, I’m doing my best to learn the ins and outs of this new platform.  I know I could buy ad dollars with FB — in fact, FB keeps giving me the business about that, when I go to my business page —  but it does worry me a tad to read that big retailers are questioning the ROI on FB spends.

If that’s a concern in Big Box country, what chance is there really of my making an impact among the fabled 1.6 billion FB users.  I mean, let’s get real, what chance does little ole Needlepoint Land have with launching a $15 weekly localized ad buy for a week?

I dunno.  It might be worth a shot.  Then again, maybe not.  And then there’s this thing I read about where only a percentage of my business page posts get broadcast to my followers.  Oh, no, Zuck… can this really really be true?

And then I discovered that this other Needlepoint Land page on FB that was created automatically some years back that I am trying to claim and or get rid of.  So far, no luck.

All that aside I hope that good for nothing lazy bones tech crew get off its  duff and stops reading about the Ryan Fitzpatrick saga with the NY Jets.

Time to focus on putting up my trunk show pics.

Do you hear that, Tech Crew?

Row!  Row!  Row!

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