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Yesterday I had a very important date. Seven-year-old Johanna wanted to learn needlepoint. Our appointment was set for after the store closed at 3.

Johanna chose a cute little brown puppy canvas from DeElda that comes with 2 gold needles, a threader and its own little project bag.

So, Johanna had her first needlepoint lesson and took to stitching like a duck to water! She mastered the continental/tent stitch in no time flat.

As you can see from the picture of Johanna’s canvas, she is more than halfway through the blue outline of her canvas. When her lesson was nearly over,  I asked her if she would like to start on the puppy, but she’s a very disciplined child and doesn’t want to do the fun part until she masters the continental on the border.

Johanna is used to having her picture taken as she was recently in the Stuart News for winning a championship in running.

Next week, Johanna would like to tackle the basketweave stitch, which I have no doubt she will accomplish.

It’s nice to see a youngster eager to learn needlepoint–it is a very relaxing pastime no matter how young or old you are.  It’s also nice that Johanna’s mom can bring her to Needlepoint Land, which shows how your LNS is a place that helps develop the new generation of young stitchers that needlepoint needs today more than ever.

Kinda hard to do that at some anonymous mail order discount needlepoint operator, now, isn’t it?


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