The Gift of Needlepoint

The Gift of Needlepoint
January 23, 2016 Erin
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I’ve just added a needlepoint Gifts category to my catalog.

A perfect place to put the two beautiful lavender sachet canvases from Purple Palm Designs that arrived today.

They’re beautifully packaged, and there’s even a little opening on the top of it that gives off a scented hint of the South of France. Pure heaven.

Sachets are perfect as gifts for almost any occasion!


Lavender Bouquet Sachet.

3″w x 3″h 18m.

Gift packaged with a French Lavender Buds sachet.


Lavender Fields Sachet.

3″w x 3″h 18m.

Gift-packaged with a fragrant French Lavender buds sachet.


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